HTS Prisoners

Where are the Bodies of Rebels Jolani is Executing in Syria?
أين هي جثث معارضي الجولاني الذين يتم إعدامهم في سوريا؟

It is known Abu Muhammad Jolani has been imprisoning and torturing rebel fighters in “freed Syria”. However what was done to Abu Abullah Fransi was on a completely differently level. من المعروف أن أبو محمد الجولاني يقوم بسجن وتعذيب مقاتلي المعارضة في المناطق المحررة. ولكن ما حدث مع أبو عبد الله الفرنسي هو شيء من […]

OGN’s Justice: Safwan from Canada صفوان من كندا

The list of Muhjahideen that have disappeared into the prisons of HTS in Idlib Syria continues to grow. Safwan was arrested more than a year ago without official charge and trial.

Expelled Muhajir: ‘HTS Laughed as they told us we were Expelled’


‘after we expel you from the city, we will expel the immigrants from Kefraya and Al-Fu`ah’, he said while laughing. Words of a HTS security force member to a muhajir OGN Staff After being informed of the decision to evict them from their homes by HTS, many families of muhajirin have begun leaving their homes […]