20 Years of Blood Shedding in India: Gujrat-2002 Re-Visited


….I could do nothing to help my daughter from being sexually assaulted and tortured to death. My daughter was like a flower, still to experience life. Why did they have to do this to her? What kind of men are these? The monsters tore my beloved daughter to pieces. After a while, the mob was […]

Western Silence to Russian Crimes in Syria Led to Ukraine


By OGN Staff In September 2015 the Russian military entered Syria in the hope of propping up the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad. At this time the Assad regime was on the brink of collapse as its Alawite stronghold of Lattakia was under serious threat from revolutionary forces. The intervention by Russia swung the war in […]

Fundamental Rights Under Fire in Narendra Modi’s India

BY AKHLAD KHAN @BawaNaaved The hijab row came to light on January 1 at Government PU College in Udupi of Karnataka state in India, where six female Muslim students were barred from entering classrooms wearing hijab. The students held a press conference, where they said that permission was sought but college authorities refused to let them enter […]

Al-Shabab Launch Fierce Attack in Somali Capital


OGN Staff Last night at 1am local time Al-Shabaab launched a multi-pronged attack in Mogadishu, Somalia. One of their targets included the neighborhood of Daresalaam. One police station in Kahda was virtually leveled in the attack. Some civilians were affected by the attacks as the police stations and security checkpoints in Somalia are in the […]