OGN: Islam and Politics are One

By Bilal Abdul KareemTwitter: @Bilalkareem It’s no secret that Muslims, as a people, have been slipping, falling, and failing for quite some time now. We cannot pretend that having the world’s biggest Christmas tree (UAE) is progress. Does anyone out there really believe that the Uighurs are feeling the love of the Muslim nation in […]

Hindu Extremist Priest Out On Bail After Giving Threats of Rape to Muslim Women, Says He Has No Regrets


By OGN Staff Hindu extremist priest Bajrang Muni Das, who was recently arrested for threatening to rape Muslim women, was granted bail only 10 days after he was arrested for his rape threats outside a mosque. Speaking to reporters following his release on bail, Das brazenly said that he had no remorse for his words. […]

Hindu Priest In Front of a Mosque Announces on a Loudspeaker To Kidnap and Rape Muslim Women in India


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved In a recent incident reported in Indian state, a video has come to fore from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh showing a Hindu priest (Mahant) in front of a Mosque in the presence of Police personels, amid cheers and applauds, openly announcing to kidnap Muslim women and rape […]



By Ibn Ismail al-Afriki The reaction of Europe and the rest of the Western world to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has revealed their shameless hypocrisy and duplicity. Muslims are justifiably outraged, having witnessed the open arms with which Europe has welcomed civilians fleeing Ukraine to escape the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, whilst […]

Three Muslim Men Beaten by Vigilantes in India


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved A 35-year-old Muslim driver of a pick-up van was mercilessly beaten up by vigilantes in Mathura’s Raal village of Uttar Pradesh state, on Sunday night, over suspicion of ‘ferrying beef and smuggling cattle’ in his vehicle. Several videos of the driver, identified as Mohammad Aamir, being thrashed by 2-3 men with belts while his […]

The Kashmir Files: New Indian Movie Flagged as Provoking Violence


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved Controversy erupted after two videos from theaters showing a newly released Indian movie, ‘Kashmir Files’, went viral. The controversial movie left many theatre goers with the impression it is targeting women belonging to the Muslim minority Uttar Pradesh state in India. Samajwadi, a political party Member of Parliament in […]

“It is not for Police or Administration or Court to decide as Hijab has a clear mandate in The Qur’an”: Muslim Member Of Parliament on Karnataka’s HC judgement on Veil/Hijab


“It judicially sanctions apartheid. It is going to set a worrying precedent and further push Muslim women out of educational spaces. Its implications are going to be felt across the nation. It will push the Hindu extremists to demean Muslim women in public spaces.” Dr Shafiqur Rehman on the judgment by Karnataka’s High Court to uphold […]

My Country’s Betrayal, Exposed by Ukraine War


…I know why I didn’t see anything but empty words (if that) from my country towards the acts of Russia on Syria; it is because those who lead my country and the media that indoctrinates the people of my country are racist hypocrites – for this reason, the only way a man found fit to […]

Karnataka Continues to be in a Row – Dispute Arises Over a 14th Century Muslim Shrine


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter: @BawaNaaved India’s state of Karnataka is yet again in crisis after the recent hijab row, which has already turned out to be one of the most universally discussed issues following the barring of Muslim girls in Veil/Hijab to educational institutions. On Monday another incident came to light, this time from […]

Displaced widow dies after being shot in the head by HTS


By OGN Staff After spending 18 days in a coma, Fatima al-Hamid died yesterday and was laid to rest today under the gaze of her four orphaned children. She sustained a bullet wound to the head 18 days ago after a member of HTS “security” forces targeted her as she attempted to smuggle a few […]