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Syrian Revolution: 12 Years Today & Counting…


Today marks the 12 year anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution.  The brave men and women fought hard against the decades old grip of oppression the Assad family has had on the people.  As I sit in my office I think back to how frightening and challenging those first few days must have […]

Syria: Foreign Fighters in Limbo


It was 2012 and foreign fighters were pouring in from all around the world to fight against the regime of Bashar Assad.  Many of them sold their possessions back in their home countries and purchased their own weapons to enter into the raging battles.  Assad’s forces were losing territory quickly.  While the Syrian rebel units […]

Understanding the Quran Made Simple: Surah Al-Tariq

Shaykh Abu Salih Al Mugharbil gives tafseer of Surah Al-Tariq in it’s entirety! Check out our channel broadcasting 24hrs! https://ognreports.news/live/

Imran Khan: Can he win?


Guest Sami Hamdi clarifies the situation in Pakistan surrounding ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan. Check out our channel broadcasting 24hrs! https://ognreports.news/live/



By Ibn Ismail al-Afriki The reaction of Europe and the rest of the Western world to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has revealed their shameless hypocrisy and duplicity. Muslims are justifiably outraged, having witnessed the open arms with which Europe has welcomed civilians fleeing Ukraine to escape the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, whilst […]

Three Muslim Men Beaten by Vigilantes in India


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved A 35-year-old Muslim driver of a pick-up van was mercilessly beaten up by vigilantes in Mathura’s Raal village of Uttar Pradesh state, on Sunday night, over suspicion of ‘ferrying beef and smuggling cattle’ in his vehicle. Several videos of the driver, identified as Mohammad Aamir, being thrashed by 2-3 men with belts while his […]

The Kashmir Files: New Indian Movie Flagged as Provoking Violence


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved Controversy erupted after two videos from theaters showing a newly released Indian movie, ‘Kashmir Files’, went viral. The controversial movie left many theatre goers with the impression it is targeting women belonging to the Muslim minority Uttar Pradesh state in India. Samajwadi, a political party Member of Parliament in […]

“It is not for Police or Administration or Court to decide as Hijab has a clear mandate in The Qur’an”: Muslim Member Of Parliament on Karnataka’s HC judgement on Veil/Hijab


“It judicially sanctions apartheid. It is going to set a worrying precedent and further push Muslim women out of educational spaces. Its implications are going to be felt across the nation. It will push the Hindu extremists to demean Muslim women in public spaces.” Dr Shafiqur Rehman on the judgment by Karnataka’s High Court to uphold […]

People should talk about Palestine as they do Ukraine: Egypt’s squash star Ali Farag


“The Palestinians have been going through that for the past 74 years” Squash star Ali Farag calling out Western hypocrisy after winning the Optasia championship Egypt’s World No. 1 squash player Ali Farag exposed the double standards of the West and the media on the coverage of the war in Ukraine at an award ceremony […]

Muslims Targeted Since The BJP Came Into Power In Indian State


“not a single meat shop should be seen in the area.” Nandkishore Gurjar, referring to Muslim butchers in the town of Loni By Akhlad Khan – Twitter: @BawaNaaved The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has returned to power in Uttar Pradesh state with a thumping majority. Meanwhile, Nandkishore Gurjar, who was re-elected a Member of the […]